08 September 2008

Red Sea Trip Update

Following Matt's enquiry regarding pony bottles etc., I have spoken to Tony Backhurst and the hire prices are as follows:-

Pony Bottle £20.00 or £25.00 with bag per week. (You will need your own regulator)

12 Litre manifolded twinset £80.00 per week (again you will need your own regulators)

Also, if you want single 15 Litre tanks it is an additional £25.00 per week. These must be ordered when you pay your deposit.

The list for interested divers is now as follows:-
1. Ernie
2. Sheila
3. Chris
4. Matt
5. Gary
6. Sean
7. Mandy
8. Paul
9. Therese
10. Tracey
11. Steve L
12. Simon
13. Linda
14. Terry B

If you want to join us can you please post a comment (go on you know you want to !). It's only a £200.00 deposit.

I will soon be letting you know the details for payment of your deposit which will be direct to Tony Backhurst.


matt said...

Thanks for that Shelia much appreciated

matt said...

also if going for a twin 12`s is the 12l nitrox package the same?

matt said...
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sheilab said...


Twin 12's would be 2 x £60.00 for Nitrox.

matt said...

Had to ask

Tad said...

well I am interested but cant make a definate decision at this time but would love to be on this