13 September 2008

Marina Misery! 13th September

Well , when we set off , good and early , for the Brighton Marina , little did we know what a pain the dive was going to be! Setting-up the kit on the pontoon before the arrival of open water students was a good idea, good because we discovered Phil's kit had a leak in the High Pressure hose. The fact that it had only used once (in a pool) since its last service didn't make feel any better either! Fortunately there was time to get a spare set of regs brought to the Marina.

With the new regs fitted we don our suits ! Hah! My left cuff seal just gives up and tears ! Oh great this is just fine, I have no wet suit back-up with me! Luckily Saint Alan comes to my rescue and lends me his dry suit. Remarkably it fitted me well and was comfortable (that's a bd sign for you Alan.... you don't want to be my size!)

So after , shall we say a little delay, Phil & I were in the depths of the Marina , well we actually get under the water which was jut under 3m deep adjacent to the pontoon and a massive 5.8m deep in the 'pit' (if you held your computer on the bottom - still this little trick meant my computer showed a greater depth than Phils! I win!)

After a 25 minute bimble amid loads of lost kit I thought I had better hand the dry suit back and exit. Water temperature was 17 Deg C. Then it was look big as Phil & I arranged to have our own kit serviced / repaired (again!).


matt said...

glad our Team could help,did you check the service records of your client`s own equipment before the review took place?ha ha

Chris-P said...

Client? Review? Hah! But a good point Matt, those who do supervise 'at work' diving (recreational training) ARE responsible for ensuring the kit used is up to standard (even it when it belongs to the student). And not that todays diving was in that bracket it was good to identify & correct the problems before the dive! Keep up the ACOP work!

matt said...

sorry for the grief Chris!
my reference to 'client' and 'review' have unfortunately been taken the wrong way by some individual who want`s to create problem`s for all concerned including the dive centre`s involved.
Chris and myself had a conversation about student service record history friday and i was being facetious about his kit malfuntion
So, can i please get this clear to whoever has an issue here there was NO training involved on Chris and Phils part