08 September 2008

Pembrokeshire June 2009

I have provisionally booked dive boat Wanderin' Star with Celtic Diving for 13/14th June 2009 (Saturday/Sunday). Apparently this June was the best months diving they have had.

If we pay before 1st January 2009 the cost will be £80.00 per person for 2 days diving which is at this years price. It will be going up next year.

We need to fill the whole boat before we can confirm dates and price.

You will be responsible for booking your own accommodation. I am awaiting brochures and information from suitable hotels/guest houses.

You can check out Celtic Diving on http://www.celticdiving.co.uk/ . Some good video clips on their site.

As usual please post a comment if you are interested and when we have 12 names I will be asking for full payment of the £80.00 to secure our booking.

1. Ernie
2. Sheila
3. Chris-P
4. Tad
5. Therese
6. Steve L
7. Tracey



Tad said...

I am expessing an interest guys

sheilab said...

I have added your name.

Steve L said...

I would love to come count me in.

sheilab said...

Welcome on board Steve. Name added.

Tracey said...

Stick me down sheila

sheilab said...

Name added. Welcome aboard