28 September 2008

Nautical Archaeology Society ~ Annual Conference 2008

The NAS 2008 Annual Conference, to be held on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th November at "Action Stations" , Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth promises to be an exciting event for all those involved in the NAS Adopt-A-Wreck Project .

Meridian Divers official adoptees of the T R Thompson wreck have a particular interest in the 2008 Conference as , sadly, this is the last year of the AAW project. Meridian Divers have submitted an applicaton to the NAS for an AAW Award which will be judged by a panel including dive agencies (inc PADI) and the NAS.

We hope that you are all rooting for the Meridian Divers application, we think we have done justice to the application. Any NAS recognition would be something of a triumph for a network such as ours.

The Conference will also provide an opportunity to discuss research, review the archaeological activities of members, exchange ideas on managing our maritime heritage and catch up with friends and colleagues from both the UK and abroad.

It's high time Meridian Divers made an appearance at the Annual Conference and may be this year we will pull out all the stops to get there! Add a comment if you are interested in attending .

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