17 January 2008

Wraysbury Dive ~ Sunday 27th January

Is anyone interested in doing a dive or 2 at wraysbury on Sunday 27th Jan. Yes it will be cold as yes it will be murky but I am sure there are some of you who are wishing to blow of the cobwebs and remove yourselves from the nice warm settee and Sunday afternoon matinee.



Tracey said...

I'll be your buddy - it beats the bucket!

Simon-T said...

If there is another nutcase.... I mean diver out there wishing to partake I'd be happy to pair-up.

Did you get my e-mail Tad, showing the pond?

Tad said...

hi simon quite happy to dive as a 3.
did get the pond pic probably need to wait until it stops raining for a Bit to have any chance of seeing anything especiall7 as the pond is fed from a stream

Tad said...

Wraysbury meet time about 11 ish if thats ok

Simon-T said...

Hi Tad, I'm not too keen to dive as a 3, especially as it'll be my first dip for a while. So I will dip out and earn some brownie points for another day. Have fun.