31 January 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting 30th Jan 2008

Thirteen Meridian Divers attended the meeting with another seven sending apologies. The first meeting of the year is always an important one as it helpful to get together to explore some new ideas for the dive diary. The meeting has outlined a string of new projects for 2008 , as ever, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating - or in other words, as ever, we need to get commitment to make things happen. Meridian Divers have an outstanding record in that respect as this blog records all the events, training, trips, holidays and socials that have we have converted from idea to reality. Sheila is busy now writing up the meeting notes and as soon as they are available they will be circulated , I think you'll find some exciting opportunities on the menu!

After the business of the meeting Tony gave us an update on the progress of the Sink-One-For- Seaford project. Tony and colleagues will be making a presentation to SEEDA in the next few weeks which will help them determine if they will fund a feasibility study. It seems everyone agrees that something should be done for Seaford but unfortunatley not everyone agrees how that should be done. There are of course two different plans being discussed locally, the plan put forward by Jim Skinner (who previously presented to MD) and the Sink-One plan. As a consensus has not yet emerged there is all to play for by both advocates.

Apart from the trips / events organised by MD contributors, it is good to see contributors adding their personal diving plans to the blog. It's a good way of getting us to do more dives 'cos we can , where available, book the same trips in a more informal process. Meridian Divers is all about 'doing it' and there's no membership costs!

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