01 January 2008

NY News from India

HMS Enterprise ~ Multi Role Survey Vessel

Andy C has been a busy boy pursuing his Naval career (and one or two other things as well - with varying degree of success!) He's just finished a visit to India and after playing with a variety of underwater devices went on a tour of Mumbai (Bombay). It's hard to know how to paraphrase Andy's report of the trip for a wide audience! Shall we say that he seems to have enjoyed himself and tried out a range of local delicacies, one of which was the beer. Apparantly there is no shortage of beer or entertainment for the sailors! That said, Andy became the entertainment at one point when an old lady set her attack monkey onto him! Send us the video Andy !

Good luck with it all Andy, my advice is to be at the back of the queue when the boys bring out the car battery, there are easier ways of getting a matelot to dance a jig!

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