08 January 2008

Gently does it.

My first attempt at st starting a blog thingy, s so I'm a little nervous.

Nauticat out of Brighton has places available to dive the Indiana on Monday, 17th March. The depth will be 12m + a drift. For me it's an ideal first sea dive of the year. Would anybody care to join me? The cost is £40 and ropes off at a very reasonable 11:30. There are currently 6 places out of 12 left. Oh, and it has an electric lift....mmm. Please let me know and I'll get it booked.


Tracey said...

Hi Simon

If I can skive off work I'll join you. Can let you know tomorrow eve

Tad said...

hi simon I could be up for that
any joy on the pond

Simon-T said...

After some toing and froing of blogs,texts and phonecalls here is where we are as of 4pm 9/1/08.
Ernie and I are booked on this trip as a buddy pair. Tracey and Tad, subject to confirmation are another pair, but not yet booked.
As soon as I here from you guys I'll book it.

With regard to the pond, I went down the track this morning and took some photos. When I get home I'll try to work out how to get them on this site!

Simon-T said...

Me again Tad. I'm afraid I can't work out how to get pictures on the blog. I will e-mail them to you tomorrow.

Chris-P said...

Love to come guys ....but I'll be stuck in the Red Sea off Marsa Alam on the 17th March!

Simon-T said...

Just had an e-mail from Steve the skipper advising that the boat is now full. So you couldn't join Ernie and I anyway, so there!

Tracey said...

Oh well Tad, you and I will have to resort to Channel Divers - or the bucket!