30 January 2008

Dives with Channel Divers

Following our very productive meeting, here are the dives I have currently booked:

Mon 17 - Indiana (TBC)
Fri 21st - Oceana
Sun 23rd - Alaunia

Sun 13th - Seaford Ferry
Fri 25th - City of Waterford

Fri 9th - Quail

Fri 6th - Ikeda

Tue 19th Pentrych

Sun 2nd - City of Waterford

Sun 14th - Thompson

If we want to get doing the Thompson, Steve is also doing the following dates:
Sun 24th Feb (but some of us are in Brussels)
Mon 16th June
Tues 1st July ( i cant skive off work for this one!)

Plenty of dates on Steve @ Channel divers list - there are more I want to do but need a buddy so get your diaries out!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Forgot to say, if you want to book on any of these or any of Channel Divers other dives, please call Steve on 01273 301142 or go to his website - www.channeldiving.com