12 January 2008

NEMO 33 ~ Booking Documents

Hi NEMOnauts, I have emailed out to those on the trip (15) the NEMO forms that need to be completed. Please reply to me with the necessary information and take careful note of the conditions and information that they have provided.

It looks as though most of you have now booked your travel & hotel arangements so we are getting close to having completed all the planning & preparation.

Now all we need are some good restaurant recommendations! From our last visit to NEMO & Brussels I don't think we'll have too much trouble finding a place in the city centre!


ir-Reverend said...

If you're up for it there is a rather good (and spacious) rib place with an all-you-can-eat offer (for around 15 Euros). My record stands at four racks.

I can book a table if there's enough rib enthusiasm out there...

Chris-P said...

Mmmm RIBs , tasty, and some how long associated with divers!

Looks like we may now have 16 on this trip which is quite a lot to drop onto a restaurant without warning!

Do we have a challenger to 4RackMatt ?

Chris-P said...

18/1/08 ....still waiting for some of you rascal NEMOnauts to provide me with details for your NEMO registration. Digitus Extractus please!