31 January 2008

Diving Northern France : Fast Action Required!

Further to our meeting and the general interest in diving around France, I have had a reply back from Steve.

He has a 5 day trip to Dieppe pencilled in for 28 July to 1st August- 10 places available or a 4 day trip from 7th July to 11th July around Fe Camp tho these dives are a little deeper - to about 36m. (tho if we doing Looe this probably not good idea anyway)

He does have people interested so we need to act fast. You are looking at a price of around £330 pp plus accommodation and food.

Please add comment to blog if you are interested - I need to let Steve know asap.


Chris-P said...

Hi Tracey, I'm interested ...but... will need to weigh-up this with several other trips being planned. It would be handy to get a guide figure for the plus accommodation & food, I imagine that will double the price.

Simon-T said...

I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw from this one. I'm up for the Looe trip and Lundy and I simply don't have enough time/brownie points. Sorry.

I'll research and stick some blurb on the blog about the possibility of a Chepstow puddle dive in mid-May.

Tad said...

I am up for the chepstow puddle dive or is that a piddle dive