03 January 2008

Diving Centre For Sale

One or two MDers are acquainted with this Dive Centre which is now up for sale at just short of £70k (leasehold), which given that includes all equipment and facilities is not exactly a high price. The low price is perhaps indicative of the difficulties involved in operating Dive Centres in the UK, where many in the South East have not survived. Locally, in recent years dive centres in Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton and Shoreham have closed which has no doubt reduced confidence in the industry. A reduction in supply should result in more business for those that remain but there is little to suggest that valuations have been maintained let alone risen. With the loss of diving centres there is a greater need for divers to ensure that they keep creating diving opportunities - I like to think that's what Meridian Divers is all about!

If you do fancy taking the brave plunge any buying a dive centre the full details are on:-



Tad said...

when Ernie and I dived there a couple of weeks ago the centre had been sold and the new owner was looking over the place perhaps he has pulled out

Chris-P said...

Or may be the advert had a long run!