02 January 2008

Photo Competition 2008

For those of you who got a nice new shiny UW camera from santa or those who already have one, I am thinking we should run some sort of photo comp throughout the year culminating in some sort of prize next Xmas for the best overall shot.

The picture could be from your diving holiday or just from the many UK trips and dives Meridian Divers are planning this year.
A suitable prize will be decided on and the winning photo will be framed and hopefully published .

Your thoughts on an A4 sheet of paper please.

1 comment:

Diving Diva said...

You just want to show of you new toy!! haha boy and there toys...I think its a great idea I will enter you know me....are there any rules does it have to be underwater or can people that dont have housing on there cameras enter with say a great photo on a dive boat or a buddy doing something funny on a dive boat, things like that do they cont to?..xx