18 December 2008

Top Christmas Dinner Party !

Well, if a round of applause for the staff at the Tudor House Restuarant, Alfriston is any guide I think it's fair to say everyone at the third MD Christmas Dinner had a very enjoyable dinner!

Personally I thought the meal was even better than the dinner we had enjoyed back in July at our Mr Jack Commemorative Dive Dinner.

A clue that the food was exceptionally good was that the MD group are not know for being shy , retiring or quiet ....but yep, it went quiet three times during the evening - just after each course was served!

The 'Diving Dinner' ambience was built by our own videographer and editor , Tad.

Nicki reminded us just how many hours Tad had spent slaving over a hot computer to create a DVD of video and still shots depicting the MD exploits through out the year.

Tad's work was projected on to a screen and the music provided a backdrop to the clatter of cutlery & chinking of glasses!

Linda & Simon get my personal vote of thanks for donating a bottle of Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP to the raffle.

Excellent decision, as was my decision to buy just the right raffle ticket! Cheers!

Still there were plenty of other prizes donated , including places Channel Diver and Sea Zones dive charter boats.

Ocean View Diving donated an Air / Nitrox fill card which will also always be a welcome gift!

They say a picture paints a thousand words - well if that's the case , may be I should let some of the photos speak for themselves .

They do seem to tell a story of people having a great time!

This shot shows Sean discussing 'Bottom Time' with Tracey - Divers eh? Always chatting about some technical matter of another!

And, similarly this shows Matt impressing on other divers the need to keep close to your buddies in poor visibility and in particular to ensure you wear distinctive headgear to aid identification!

Sheila and Ernie were pressed into service as Raffle Organisers. Sheila of course arranged for Ernie to win a major prize just about as fast as she could - well may it was just good luck but Ernie won the "Mr Jack Prize" an electronic photo frame ! Ha ha, all you have got to do now Ernie is take a nice picture or two to put on it!
The Meridian Divers Photo Competition was run and 50 images from the MD blog were projected , votes were taken and the winning photo , by a margin was a photo of "Parsley" the puppy owned by Debbie & Stuart and taken by Tracey! It was a shock result for professional cameraman Steve who had bet a drink from the bar for everyone present if his underwater shots didn't win - nice one Steve - mine's a port & brandy ... large! Tracey went home with more than she bargained for - er, the Photographer of the Year award I mean!
Several other compeitions were decided with Tad being presented with the NAS Adopt -A-Wreck Decanter on behalf of MD for his work on the project AND.... he also won the Meridian Diver of the Year award & trophy for his efforts across the raneg of activities (mind you I think his video work has really been worth a trophy on it's own).
Matt won the MD Pier Diver of the Year accolade , for having dived four different UK piers in the year! I'm sure someone will break that record next year! That's if all the piers don't fall down or burn down!

The Grand Raffle saw many , many winners - far too many to show ALL the photos but not to be left empty handed , Nicki bagged a super MOSCHINO perfum prize.

Santa Claus is usually depicted wearing a red suit so methinks Sheila had that image in her mind when she became cheif raffle caller and prize manager!
Tina's thinking "OK what am I going to do with a free ride on Channel Diver - apart from give it to Matt for his Christmas present"?

Only fair then that Steve , who donated the place on Channel Diver should himself be a winner - looks like one of Sheila's 'secret' prizes - hope you will find in coming in handy Steve!

This shot is of course no reflection of Paul's personal hygiene - it was just a complete coincidence that he should win the pack of assorted smellies! That should make your Christmas more bareable Mandy!

The growing 'Clan Parsons' weren't to be outdone either , I lost count how many prizes they won but I thought I use this photo of Nick with his navigational aid. Knowing how much Nick likes boats this prize will remind him that the left side of the boat with the red light is the PORT side!

Matt puts on a brave face - that lovely Champagne Cognac has already been bagged , it was enough to make him turn to gin!
Poor lad , take care it's mother's ruin you know!

Judging by the smile on Debbie's face she thinks she knows what's inside this long narrow package. Shiela , who is having a laugh at the idea actually does know what's in there - sorry Debbie better luck next time!

Sean had a very clear idea of what prize he wanted - and looking at the smile on his face he must have been promised it.

All told the evening was really fun , the food was super , the staff attentive, the atmosphere lively and most importantly the company excellent. It was also good to see a couple of our dive buddies who coldn't make the whole evening pop-in for a Christmas Drink. Sadly , due to work another couple of MD chums couldn't make it and Matt C , who is only briefly back in the UK from Malta also (sadly) missed a great night out!
Best wishes to all Meridian Divers and their families for a very happy Christmas and New Year. We hope to see you all in the water and at the socials next year - and don't forget the Bowling Challenge fast approaching! It's going to be a challenge to do a better Christmas Dinner next year - but ...we are up for it!


Tracey said...

Brilliant write up Chris - now all i need to do is remember (tho probably better if I don't!) what I did!!!!

Chris-P said...

You did well - at least that's what I think you did!

Tad said...

As always a great bit of scripting from the masterful wordsmith. I think you should take up journalism CP

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed a fab party.While you guys live it up in the wet and cold I guess I will just have to carry on in 25C. Next dive planned is in the victorian ships graveyard off "the rip". A bit deeper than I am used to (??)
and I have to take another wreck diving course to qualify for it (bummer),miss you all especially the gulleys off Seaford.
Cheers Robbo

Chris-P said...

Happy Crimbo Robbo - mind you , you are already on to Boxing Day noe I guess! Chris