18 December 2008

Christmas Party Comments........

Doh! Done Xmas Party post ... it doesn't look anything like it dis on the screen I was working on ! Never mind you get the idea!!


Matt said...

just like to say on behalf of myself,Tina and Graeme thanks for a great night as usual,the food was brill,nice to see you all and thats the first time i`ve won anything at a raffle!!!
Hope eveyone has a great christmas and a happy new year,roll on 2009.

Tad said...

Ditto that Matt thouroghly enjoyed the evening thanks to everyone for the great company. Thanks to Chris Sheila and Ernie for organising the evening. Its our turn to attend a few OV socials now. Hope the T shirts fits graham look forward to seeing you in it we all know your a secret MD'er

Tracey said...

I have to agree - had great time. Chris - how much do you need to NOT publish some of those photos?!?!?!?!

Matt said...

well Ms Martin if you will get into the pub before hand you only have yourself to blame!!
Judging by the pic`s it looks like we`ll all need to by new hats? or the diving equivilant!!! i vote for the stag week in Malta....ha ha

sheilab said...

What a great evening with our diving friends. Made a perfect closure to an excellent year for Meridian Divers.
Honest everyone I did not nobble the raffle. A higher power was looking down on Ernie (saves me buying him a Christmas present).
All joking a part the venue, food and company were first rate.
Ernie and I would like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a wet New Year.
See you all at bowling.

P.S. Where's Parsley's photo? Oh and by the way I am going to enter Poppy next year!

Chris-P said...

The parsley photo (like all the other photos in the competition) is already on the blog - try the link "meridian Girls" C