15 December 2008

MD Christmas Dinner at The Tudor House Restaurant

Hi y'all,

We're getting close now ... to the MD Christmas Dinner at the Tudor House Restaurant , High Street , Alfriston , East Sussex on Wednesday 17th December.

For those of you who need a little help in finding it click HERE

For those of you who want some last minute info on the place click HERE

The rendezvous time is 7.30pm for drinks in readiness for 8.00pm at the table!

There is adequate parking in Alfriston but you may have to walk a few hundred metres! Take care if there is rain !

Looking forward to seeing you all there. In addition to the raffle, several MD challenges / competitions will be decided on the night! With awards & trophies to the winners. The raffle has a good selection of prizes including:-

* Air / Nitrox Card from Ocean View Diving
* A Place on a Boat Charter from Sea Zones
* A Place on a Boat Charter from Channel Diver
* The 'Mr Jack' Prize (Donated by Mr Norman Jack)
* Diving Equipment
* A bottle of Brandy
* A bottle of Gin

(Don't forget you can add more to the raffle prizes if you wish! All donations gratefully received)


Tad said...

I will be donating a Silent world DVD a classic and a MD T shirt (new)

Jimbob said...

Thanks for a great evening.
Good to see everyone and hope to see you all soon on a boat.