18 December 2008

Round up of Meridian Divers and Friends 2008

This is the video and photo round up shown at the christmas dinner. Now I know the music isnt everyones cup of tea, but tough its staying !!


Jimbob said...

Excellent,I was going to ask you for a copy. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Tad said...

Thanks Jim and you hope santa gets you lots of goodies I know I certainly need them

sheilab said...

What a cracking copulation, whoops I mean compulation! Superb reminder of superb year. Well done everyone. Thank you very much.
Looking forward to 2009.
Ernie & Sheila

Tracey said...

Bloody fantastic! Your talents are wasted my friend! And i thought the music suited it all!

Chris-P said...

Top work - again , Tad!

Erm, Shelia, did you mean COMPILATION? Don't want Tad to be caused blushes!!!!

Well Done MDer of the Year