24 December 2008

Merry Christmas Take 2

Looks like Tracey beat me to it and I would like agree with what Tracey says but also say that yes its been a brilliant year in lots of ways and Like Tracey I havent dived as much as I would have liked mainly due to the weather but those I have done have been exceptional.

The highlights for me were meeting Mr and Mrs Jack and the success with the Adopt a Wreck Award, but added to that the new friends we have made with Divers from Ocean View and RDC.

Hopefully 2009 will see Meridian Divers grow but equally as important that with any growth is we dont forget where we have come from and support others in the same way we have been supported throughout this year.

So I would also like to say a very big thank you to all the people both within MD and everyone else who have made this a very special year for me and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to diving and all the other stuff with you next year I think you are all great people, people which I class as great friends without exception.

I cant wait to film and edit the 2009 round up



And to the ...bags that nicked my car and kit I hope all your teeth fall out and you choke on your xmas dinner you wont keep me out of the water.


Chris-P said...

Here, here Tad , and so say all of us!
Hope you all have a good Christmas!

sheilab said...

O.K. Tad and Tracey you have both said it all, but we would still like to wish all our friends a very happy chrismas and a successfully 'wet' New Year.
Ernie & Sheila

Steve L said...

Same here from me. I'm very glad to have met and become a part of such a great group of people. Happy Christmas to you all from Laura and myself.

Matt said...

nicely put Tad
Will post up OV`s calender when i get it,got lot`s going on next year.
Hope you all have a relaxing time off and don`t eat and drink to much coz lead costs a fortune at the mo!!!
Tad i`ve got a bcd here you can have just needs a cam band it`s my Northern diver Guardian i don`t use it and also have a set of Oceanic regs you can borrow for a while til you get the insurance money
Here`s to a great 2009
Matt,Tina & kids