26 December 2008

High Water Slack at Newhaven Arm

Can anyone give me the definitive answer to this please? I have been given many different answers from 1.5hrs -0.5hrs before highwater, and how long is slack before it turns.
Seeing as this is home waters for you guy's, 'll ask here!

[Matt , nothing like a good old thorny question on Boxing Day to revive the ailing grey matter! Slack times are a science of their own! I took a look at the PADI website for the answer, it's crammed full of usefull information dive planning as you would expect (;-)) , so check out THIS!]


Matt said...

i think Ernie had the right answer as its under 1hr
That is a cop out mr Pascoe ha ha you should know this off by heart my head hurts far to much to do this today

Tad said...

Hi Matt
We have always dived an hour before High water on the arm

Chris-P said...

Yep, tis true , that's what we usually do and we have never had a problem with it ... but I thought you'd (Matt)like the challenge of knowing how to work it out!! I looked at the sea at Eastbourne today , nice big waves rolling in, plenty of white horses and for as far as I could see from the shore the water was a nice coffee colour! Absolutely nobody was in it or on it!

Matt said...

i`ll have to sit down one day and have a go at that but for the mo i`ll take tried and tested times thanks
looked like latte down here too