07 December 2008

Party on down!

Last night The Holiday Inn in Brighton did not know what had hit them as 30 members of Ocean View descended on them at their Party Night.
Myself, Sean and Trez trekked over to Brighton and met up with everyone in the lounge bar. By time we arrived most had passed out due to the alcohol - well, the prices of them anyway. Matt was revived after having to part with nearly £12 for 2 drinks!

With a little help from the local Off-Licence things soon got going and we all took our seats to be fed and entertained. Divided over 3 tables, it was deemed from the start that our table would be the noisiest and we did not disappoint! Following a meal that was ok, and 2 free bottles of sparkling wine (one courtesy of Holiday Inn, the other thanks to Wendy and her winning the game of heads & tails!!) the music started and we put on our dancing shoes.

All to soon, us oldies found it too much (let's face it - one glass & I'm out of it!) and we had to leave the younger ones (and those who were passed caring!) to it!

Matt is compiling a gallery and I will be taking cash or cheques for those photos that should NEVER be shown!!!!


Chris-P said...

Looks like you had a lorra lorra fun! Hoping to see more of the NEVEr to be seen photos!!!!

Matt said...

have a look in a certain dive mag in the future for the real wrong un`s!!
it was a cracking night alot of fun and alot of contraband spirits smuggled in,well there is a credit crunch!!
my head still hurt`s

Tad said...

sounds like a great night wish I could of made it but still sulking dont suppose MD dinner will be as lively with all us oldies but am sure that we will still have a laugh.