18 December 2008

Bowling ~ 20th January 2009

Just a reminder that the next MD event is the bowling evening - 20th January 2009. Really need some more MDs to make up the numbers!!! OV have about 19 so far!!!!!!

It will be held at Brighton Bowlplex, time to be confirmed but looking at around 7.30ish. Food will be buffet and the cost is £14.99 per person. This includes the buffet, shoe hire and 2 games of bowling.

All ages are welcome so bring the kids along (they're probably better than a lot of us!)

We are going to provisionally book this next week but will need to know definate numbers by 4th January 2009.


sheilab said...

Ernie and I wish to bowl !

Tad said...

A bowl or 2 for me please and by the way who left glitter all over the back seat of my car!!!

Chris-P said...

I THINK Mandy & Paul are coming , and I hope Nick & Alex too!

Simon-T said...

Linda, Megan and me please.

Tracey said...

Glitter???? Must have been the elves Tad! Thanks for the lift - just about remember it!