03 October 2009

Unknown Wreck Mid Channel

Diving an Unknown wreck on Monday with Tunbridge Wells Sub Aqua Club.. I was fortunate enough to find I had Monday free and was invited out aboard the TWSAC rib to dive an unknown wreck 21 miles out in the separation zone which sounds a bit like an cliched sci fi series from the 1960'sall that needed to happen was that we could meet aliens ,come back and find we were the only people left in Newhaven (almost true there on a Monday) orfind that we had been part of some strange experiment. The truth is that we had a 21 mile journey out in the rib which took about an hour passing 3 dolphins on the way.
On reaching the site there was a very large factory Trawler moored nearby who took more than a passing interest in the 6 neoprene clad bods in a bright orange rib.

The sea was mirror calm and with small tides we had high expectations for the dive and with the wreck located and shotted we were not to be dissapointed, you could see the line at least down to 10m.
It was soon my turn to kit up and start the journey down and boy was it good. I touched the wreck at just over 40m and began to explore with my camera the vis was between 10-15m.
In a strange way the wreck and conditions reminded me of my first dive on the Rosie Moller in the red sea.

The wreck sits upright on the sea bed and drops down to around 47m . It also is massive and quite in tact although heading towards the bow the hull dropped away in what looks like a massive explosion has taken it off.

Turning back I headed back up midships and came across machinery and the massive engines in which a very large conger had made its home. I also came across a twin wheeled hand pump.
I allowed myself to go into 8 minutes of deco before heading back to the shot and start my very slow ascent back up.

TWSAC have dived this wreck in the past but conditions have to be perfect due to the depth and the distance out. Now the hunt is on to Identify this amazing wreck .

Certainly up there as one the best of my UK dives.
The film doesnt do it justice.



Jimbob said...

Looks really, really good.

Tracey said...

Incredible viz. Great video again Tad.

Chris-P said...

Totally stunning Tad! I think this may be your best u/w vid to date ! Liked the guest appearance of the Conger on top of the engine! Captivating piece! Well done . Chris