14 October 2009

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 14th October

The MD meeting took place at the Berwick Inn and some plans for the next months and 2010 were discussed. In particular:-

1). A wreck dive from Buccaneer on Saturday 17th October (Tad & Ernie)
2). A pool session in the Sovereign Centre, Eastbourne, in early November (BOOKED! 3rd Nov)
3). A reminder to post any pictures you want to enter in the Photo Competition (judged at the Christmas Dinner)
4). Christmas Dinner , being held in the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 16th December.
5). A bowling night for January 2010.
6). A Film Night planned for 3rd February 2010 (BOOKED!)
7). A Malta dive holiday in May 2010
8). A Portland dive trip in late June 2010

Other plans :-
a). Producing 'buddy cards'.
b). A reminder to gather raffle prizes for the Christmas Dinner.
c). A reminder to select your menu choices for the Christmas Dinner
d). An update on the 'Protected Wreck Licence' project.
e). The potential to be included on the Licence to dive the historic submarine "Holland V"

As ever , plenty to plan and do!


Simon-T said...

Please could you put Linda and me down for the Malta trip. Also Portland as long as it doesn't clash with the world cup.
Many thanks.

Chris-P said...

Oh I don't know ... you soccer types making people like me find out what the Word Cup Dates are!
The Group Matches start on 11th June.
The Quarter finals start on 2nd July and the final is on 11th July .
So how much clash is OK or Not OK ? The full schedule or just from the Quarter finals onward?

Details on:-

Simon-T said...

Oooh! You're good. The way these finals work is that if England qualify, myself and 5 old friends from school! go to Tenerife and watch the last England qualifier and whichever quarter final they get through to, to be knocked out by on pens! Breath in. So, first 2 & 1/2 weeks in June, yes I can make it and hopefully her in doors will join us. Oh and maybe the orange dog if Linda doesn't want to get wet. Cheers.