12 October 2009

Red Sea Liveaboard ~ St John's (Southern Red Sea)

The Benson's are back!

Ernie & I set out to dive the St John's area in the Southern Red Sea aboard 'Dreams'. A (new) addition to the Sea Serpent Fleet, but unfortunately on boarding the vessel we soon discovered that it was far from 'new'. The journey south is quite a long overnight trip to reach the southern reefs of St John's. They are mainly a selection of Gota and Habili (reef which reaches the surface or not). The coral is in good colourful condition and we saw white tip reef sharks, oceanic white tip sharks, dolphins, turtles and fantail rays as well all the usual reef inhabitants.

There were one or two issues with the boat which all on board had concerns with which have now been taken up with the agent.
Unfortunately we would not recommend 'Dreams' as a Liveaboard.
Just a word of warning Marsa Alam airport is very hot on luggage weight. Ernie & I were 2 kilos over (between 2 dive bags and 2 rucksacks) and had to pay 22 euros excess. No receipts were being given !


Tad said...

Great photo's Ernie

Chris-P said...

Nice work Ernie! Shame about the not so 'new' boat! Looks like they may have had to cahrter an extra boat for some reason , not one of the regular fleet as far as I know!

Very true about the Marsa Alam airport. Several people had "issues" when we departed Marsa Alam in September. Our bags were 7kg heavier than the weight at Gatwick and I cannot explain how that can be ...apart from the Airport Workers fixing the scales! John Liddiard had the same problem I think!

Tracey said...

Great photos & great to see you back in the water Sheila. Hopefully I'll get back in soon too! Maybe 'Dreams' ought to be renamed 'Nightmares'??!