20 October 2009

Holland 5 Diving Opportunity

At the meeting last week I mentioned that Jamie from TWSAC was applying for a licence to dive the Holland 5 submarine next year. TWSAC has offered any Meridian Divers the opportunity to be named on the licence to dive this protected wreck as guests of TWSAC on their ribs.

If you are interested please add a comment including your dive qualifications, experience and if you have any maritime archeological experience such as N.A.S dont worry if you dont have this it wont prevent you diving the wreck.

The object of the dives will be to gather photo, video and marine life data plus general visual inspection which can be added to the data already gathered.


NAS Link to Holland V Project , Click HERE


Chris-P said...

Oh go on then! Stick me down Tad, you know my dive CV pretty well and NAS ticket!

Simon-T said...

Me too please as long as it is no deeper than 35m. PADI Rescue, 185 dives about half in UK waters. Cheers.

sheilab said...

Stick Ernie and I down please

prometheus said...

Hi Guys
Not seen many of you for a while,I would be up for this if there is a space availible, Simon, I think it lies in 30mts of water so within your range.

prometheus said...

Bit of info on here .

Jimbob said...

Hello Tad
I've sent you an email, had a big response not sure what's best.
I'm up in York at the moment and I've just been told the farnes trip is blown out. Gutted.

Tad said...

Hi Chris (prometheus)
I need your full name and Dive quals etc if your are happy tp post them on here or we can do it by email let me know

prometheus said...

Chris Adams
A.C.U.C. 40mts, T.D.I. Nitrox , BSAC, SAA. Twin 12s and 7lt stage.250/300 dives.

addive said...

hello you all
please can you tell the depth and the dive dates
i am a dive leader (bsac) with 300 dives mostly in uk waters but normaly dive no more than 30 mts
thank you adrian

Simon-T said...

Thanks Prometheus. I've had to keep going on business trips so not much diving. I hope everyone will see a lot more of me next year, but I expect all of you probably don't. ;o)

Tad said...

Hi Adrian
The dives will take place next year dates yet to be sorted
depth I believe is around the 30 -35m mark