26 October 2009

Seazones - Saturday 31st October

Message from Mick Luff:

Spaces available on Seazones on Saturday, diving the Brisbane (28 metres max) followed by a drift. Ropes off Newhaven 07:45.

If interested phone Mick on 07729 277651



ANGIE said...

Hi Chris,

Could you please ask Tad to e-mail me at the Dive Centre with his mobile no. - as I've had an old friend of his calling the dive centre and trying to get in touch with him - but obviously I can't give out any personal information, but I have got the guy's telephone number so that Tad can contact him if he wants.

Thank you. Angie

Chris-P said...

Hi Angie,

I will pass your message on to him. Hope you are well, Chris

Tad said...

Hi Angie
email on its way I am Intrigued