26 October 2009

Mark Powell Talk ~ 7.30pm Friday 6th November

Hi all,
Just thought I'd post this to see if anyone would like to attend Oceanview on the above date for a talk/presentation given by one of Britain's leading technical instructors Mark Powell.

The talk will have something for everybody, especially aimed at recreational divers looking to go further and deeper or stay longer including redundancy, kit configuration, basic deco, advanced nitrox, trimix and not forgetting intro into technical diving.

The talk is already filling-up so if anyone is interested please let me know numbers either by email mattwest1@hotmail.co.uk or by phone, Tad and Tracy have my mobile number and are free to give it out.

If anyone went to the diveshow you'll know Mark's talk was one of the highlight's and was standing room only on both days.


Many thanks



Tracey said...

Thanks for invite Matt. I know I wont make it but sure it's sure to be an interesting evening for you - no stopping you (and Tina!) now!

Simon-T said...

I actually think I may be around for this! Thanks for the heads up Matt. I'll teletext you tomorrow.

Tad said...

will let you know Matt as this is right up my street Thanks