29 September 2009

Go Ape ~ Sunday 18th October 2009

Hi all,

This has now been BOOKED and PAID for! I will therefore need money asap. If you are at meeting on 14 October then that will be ok, otherwise I will need you to get payment to me asap.

Cost is £25 per person

Date - Sunday 18th October
Time - 1.30pm (this was the latest time available)
Place - Bedgebury, Kent

Confirmed to me & booked for are:

Simon -plus 3

At time of writing this, there were 3 places still available.

Once I had booked & the confirmation came up, it then informed me that parking cost £7.50 per car!!! So we may want to meet up before & car share into the forest.

If you want to check out what we doing & for directions look at website - www.goape.co.uk/

Bananas are the preferred snack option!

1 comment:

Simon-T said...

Hi Tracey, well done. Pretty please add one more on for me. That'll be 5 in total. Kindly text me your address and I'll mail you a cheque for £125.00 by return. Anybody out there fancy hanging on to a Hungarian Viszla whilst we're up in the air and you're not doing the ape thing? He is very nice, but a bit thick! Cheers,