09 September 2009

Monkeying About!

Some time ago we discussed the idea of swinging thru the trees with the help of Go Ape in Kent.

They are only open until the end of October and we had initially set asisde the 4th October 2009.

If you are still interested, please add a comment or email me. This is open to friends & family too. Payment does have to be made at time of booking so we need to get moving if we do want to play Tarzan!

You can find more details from http://www.goape.co.uk/

(not sure what's happened with publishing names!)


Simon-T said...

Please put us down for two places. Thanks Simon and Linda.

Tad said...

count me and nik in

sheilab said...

Sorry Ernie and I will be away, but have fun !

Simon-T said...

We are four now. Matt & Meg want to join in. Cheers.