17 September 2009

Marsa Alam Revisited ~ September 2009

I'll not spend too much space banging-on about Marsa Alam as much has been said before on this blog (follow the 'Subject Finder Links' in the lower right panel), save to say that having just come back from eleven day boat dives (including two at Elphinstone Reef) the water is warm ...come-on-in! 28 to 28 Deg C in fact. So on the basis of a picture painting a thousand words , here are a few chapters!


Tad said...

love the puffer fish photo nice one a real contender for photo comp

sheilab said...

What no tiger sharks.

So photo competition is it ? You know what this means. Ernie will be snapping away like a good un on our trip in a couple of weeks time.

Will say hello to some of your fishy friends.

Chris-P said...

Ernie, best you try to take a few pot shots of some fish ....they are a lot slower moving than clay pidgeons....seven nil , seven nil !!!

Anonymous said...

Heej buddy,
nice to see the pictures and tnx for mine with barbara, as promised when all the work is done i send you the movie.
And yes i made a dive with a dungong and giant turtle at mubarak at the same dive.
And my last day a dance with a turtle at 30 meter, she turned around my cam for 2 minutes before she kissed goodby.
Do the best regards also to sue.

jan and carla Netherlands

Chris-P said...

Hi Jan & Carla,
Glad you found the dugong! Certainly helps make the trip! Thanks for your email and the offer to help with the Ysselsteyn research! Hope you like the blogs!