16 August 2009

Summer BBQ and Dive at Buckland Lake ~ Sunday 23rd August

Big apologies I meant to post this last week. Earlier on this year I had planned the "Soup Dragon" dive but for various reasons this never happened. Well next Sunday, on the 23rd we are planning a dive at Buckland Lake followed by a BBQ at my house. I will need numbers asap as dives need to be booked at Buckland.

Please post a comment if you can make it and will make the arrangements. The plan is to meet at the lake mid-morning, do a dive or two, then head back to my house, which is about 15 minutes from the lake, for a BBQ.

Cost of the dive is £10 and certs need to be shown. BBQ bring what you want and I will attempt to cook it and not poison you and bring what you want to drink. Everyone is welcome!


sheilab said...

Count us in for the BBQ. Can we bring Poppy?
Roughly what time would you be back from the dives.
Ernie & Sheila

Simon-T said...

Sorry Tad, Linda and I will be no shows. We've got a prior engagement. Drat!

Chris-P said...

Tad, hopefully Sue & I will be there. For the Dive & BBQ!

Tad said...

of course pops is welcome