20 August 2009

Skive Dive Society

Calling all skivers. Channel Diver has some spaces available for some mid week dives.

Wednesday 16th September - Aluania out of Eastbourne, 36 metres. Divers already booked on are Simon, Tad & Ernie.

Wednesday 21st October - Braunton out of Brighton, 36 metres.

Wednesday 28th October - Ariel out of Brighton, 25 metres.

Anyone wishing to skip work to dive please post a comment.



Chris-P said...

Hmmmm, gonna have to give this some serious thought!

sheilab said...

Have you changed your name!
Maybe, possibly, unconfirmed, probably.

Chris-P said...

Can I get back to you on that? ;-)

Simon-T said...

Hi Ernie, stick me down for the 28th pretty please.