21 August 2009

TR Thompson Dive ~ Sunday 6th September

This will now be two dives on 6th September. 1st dive TRT , 2nd dive probably also a wreck. Ropes-off time to be announced but between 9am and 10am from Shoreham on Buccaneer. Cost £35 . See:- http://www.buccaneer-diving.co.uk/ Thanks to Graeme and Matt at Ocean View for the offer of these spaces very much appreciated.

Divers :-
2.Chris P (TBC)
7. Ian S
8. Andy T
1st Reserve:


Matt said...

10.30am away i belive

Matt said...

unless Chris has told you differently in which case my apologies.

Tad said...

Hi Matt no havent spoken to him but will email to confirm thanks

Chris-P said...

More likely that I will NOT be able to do this dive .... anyone wanna be 1st Reserve . Chris 25/8/089

Chris-P said...

Is there anyone from OV who wants to go on this dive?