03 August 2009

Meridian Mutts - Sunday 16th August

Calling all of my canine friends. I am planning another walk on Sunday 16th August. This gives you plenty of time to work on the humans, and if necessary to cancel any prior arrangements.
If you are interested please post a comment and let me know how far you would like to walk and then weather dependent we can choose where to go.
Poppy B


Tad said...

we really have to teach these mutts to dive using up weekends like this perhaps we can develop some sort of Mutt scuba speciality

Tad said...

MUTT = Meridian Underwater Terrier Trainers

Tracey said...

My mum says I can do it if it's about the same distance as we just done - she still got a swollen foot from the last one!

Poppy M