10 August 2009

Scallop Wreck Dive ~ Sunday 9th August

Whilst a bunch of rubber clad hooligans were worrying fish on Newhaven's West Beach Harbour Arm, I was skimming across the waves aboard Tunbridge Wells Diver out to a TWSAC favourite the Scallop Wreck. Having caught a very annoying summer cold the day before , I had been dosing myself up with Sudafed , determined not to miss the dive.

Reaching the wreck site kitting up aboard the rib was a relatively painless affair. Jason & I were the third pair in after Rob and Jules had tied-in and sent the shot up.

It seems the Sudafed worked well on one half of my body but not the other as I was having real difficulty with clearing one ear. Jason indicated he was going to continue down whilst I jiggled my jaw, squeezed and blew my nose as I inched my way down the shot. I was on the verge of giving up when my ear cleared and could continue down to the wreck at 36m .The vis was about 3-4m and quite dark although you could just about get away with out using a torch.

The Scallop wreck is covered in life including some very large cod who didn't seem at all bothered by my presence. Large breaks in he hull are very tempting and with a squeeze could be easily entered but I was content to loiter at the entrances. I found a couple of old bottles which were broken so no help there in identifying the name or nationality of this ship.

Time seemed to whiz by and I was already nudging deco and was just in the process of sending up my SMB when I drifted passed the shotline in the increasing current so I chose the easy option and came up the line.

After a nice slow accent I surfaced and was soon back on the RIB waiting for the last 2 divers in the water and then back to shore and a nice cup of tea.

Thanks to Max,Jason,Jamie, Kevin, Jules , Jeff and Rob for a great dive.


Ps Dont think the cold is going to turn into pig flu oink

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