16 August 2009

Diving the Wreck of the Seven Seas or not ?

The Toilet on the 'Seven Seas'
Stunning!!! that's the only word that can describe today's dive on the Wreck of the Seven Seas.
After battling the traffic heading to Eastbourne for the Airshow I managed to scrape into Newhaven with about 15 minutes to spare to join Tunwells Diver and TWSAC members Max, Bill, John, Graham, Jamie, Derek and Rob. A decision had not yet been made on where to dive but with good vis reports from the wreck dives during the week on sites further out it was decided that a dive on a wreck known as the Seven Seas would be a good choice. It is, however, thought that this wreck has been wrongly named !
A choppy RIB ride 10 miles out put us other the site and with the wreck shotted the first two divers were in to tie off to the wreck. I was buddied with John from London and soon we were in the water and headed off down the line and with my cold now cleared-up my ears cleared easily.
It soon became apparent that this dive was going to be a corker and once on the wreck at 37m the vis was around 15m maybe more with plenty of ambient light. I have never dived this wreck before and was amazed at how intact she was, she still looks like a ship. Sea life covered her rusting remains and we were soon off exploring the holds, engines and other features including remains of rooms. One feature which got close inspection was a loo intact but long past any Harpic treatment.

Working our way to the bows the vis gave us the opportunity to see the wreck in all its glory, the bow was stunning, still cutting its way through the currents. I had taken the video camera down but realised I had pushed the zoom control accidentally so although the quality was OK, I misssed out on the panoramic shots which is a shame.

All too soon it was time to head back up to the surface where the wind had picked-up a bit which made for an interesting ride back to Newhaven. A great dive and the moral here is that if you want the vis you need to get a bit further out at the moment . Thanks to everyone for the trip it was certainly well worth the effort.
The video will be posted shortly once Thursday's Oceana one has been completed. Tad .

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