06 August 2009

Newhaven Beach Dive ~ Sunday 9th August

Hi all,

Following the MD Meeting on 5th August a suggestion was a Beach Dive ...SOON!

So here is a pretty straigtforward idea , prospective plan:-

Newhaven Harbour (West Arm) / West Beach Dive Sunday 9th August.

Meet at West Arm Car Park at 12.30pm.
Plan to enter at 1.30pm
High Tide at 2.00pm

Weather forecasts are lloking reasonable , NE wind , approx 9mph, cloudy , 19 Deg C Air Temp, lower humidty!

Check Forecasts HERE, and HERE !!

Tide Times can be checked via the LINKS (right hand side panel on screen).

If interested add a comment !


sean g said...

Sounds good i try and get down

Chris-P said...

Good man! The more the merrier! Simon & I are planning to be there too!

Anonymous said...

I lost some ankle weights there a while ago, there is a reward for finding them although the lucky person has to pick it up in person


sheilab said...

Sorry, Ernie and I are doing the family bit.
Hope you have a good one.

Simon-T said...

I'll be there..

Chris-P said...


We'll keep our eyes out for your kit! Rest assured if we find them we will be holding them to ransome here!

Chris-P said...

Trez & Debbie have said that they intend to join the dive!

Chris-P said...

Kev Norton & Caroline Yeatts intending to join in.