05 September 2007

Seaford Reef Project

Many thanks Chaps for your comments and I note you have a team working on a submission for inclusion in my formal proposal- brilliant. Regarding the cost of an inshore reef, yes of course this is a major major issue. However I don't know where Tony Fowler got the "26£m+" figure from- the point here is that neither the EA or any other body has ever sat down and done a serious costing! Also being de-facto permanent in nature, when the cost of the existing scheme is considered ("150k£ per annum and rising quickly) and the economic cost to Seaford and the wider district over say 50-100 years is taken into account, the reef cost actually may not be quite as much an issue as first appears to be the case.Anyway, thanks again for your support, look forward to hearing from you again. Kind regards, Jim Skinner

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Chris-P said...

Jim, Jimbob has kindly agreed to put the words together on behalf of Meridian Divers.