13 September 2007

Diving on T.R.Thompson wreck

Short clip from the T.R.Thompson project dive.
The clip is torward the end of the dive where there was more light.
If you would like the full version let me have a plain dvd disc

It was a shame we didint have the camera on wednesday 12th the viz was 10m with plenty of light full report to follow.


Chris-P said...

Well done Tad, considering the lighting problems etc etc this came out well. Good shots of the Deck Gun....if only the video camera was there on the dive that had good viz & plenty of light ....next time!

Tad said...

well hopefully will have my own cam soon so we will have one always available.

I will try and put together some of the better shots from earlier on in the film for here

Jimbob said...

Excellent, looks good. Wish I could have made it on the 12th.

Tad said...

yep jim it was a good one plenty of light and better viz around 10m