16 September 2007

Plan B Operated!

Plan A was to go for a dive off the Newhaven West Arm and have a BBQ to follow, alas, the weather forced us into a Plan B! The South Westerly wind was forcing a few small white horses up the side of the Harbour Arm and left the first twenty metres of the water a coffee brown colour as the waves stirred up the bottom! So the diving was off. Thoughts of a BBQ on the beach were equally unappealing so we took shelter and refreshment in the Coral Cabin while the MDers gathered.

Plan B was then hatched and put in to place ... it was off to Plumpton Green for an impromptu garden based BBQ .... shame to waste all that food & drink and we had a thirteen MDers with a gap in the diary!

The rescue plan worked exceptionally well, a huge gas fire BBQ grill made short work of the cooking tasks and with Simon & Tad weilding the tongs we were soon tucking into more food than was good for us.


Tad said...

thanks to Linda and Simon for letting us invade their lovely home.
Really appreciate it guys


Linda T said...

It was lovely to get to know you all a bit better! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting. Oh, and thanks for doing most of the cooking Tad!