12 September 2007

RNLI Newhaven Callout ~ Sunday 9th September

Thanks to Diving Diva for this update. The following is an extract from the RNLI Newhaven web site:-

The lifeboat left the side on exercise and was 0.5 NM south of Cuckmere Haven when we received a VHF call from a dive RIB reporting that 2 divers had surfaced without a stop from a 38m dive due to equipment failure and required assistance. The lifeboat proceeded at full speed and arrived on scene 6.5 NM south of Cuckmere at 11:37. Solent CG had been informed and Coastguard Rescue Helo "Whisky Bravo" was diverted from an exercise off Littlehampton. The 2 divers who were on oxygen were taken aboard the lifeboat to prepare for the helo transfer. "Whisky Bravo" arrived on scene at 11:53 and the lifeboat made full speed to the west to facilitate the airlift. Both divers were lifted into the helo by 12:03 when they were taken to Portsmouth for treatment. The lifeboat returned to station at 12:05 arriving back alongside at 12:50.

There a couple of pictures of the Helicopter air lift on the website , see:-


Hope that all divers involved are OK. I don't think any Merdian Divers were diving but await confirmation.

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Chris-P said...

No Meridian Divers thought to be involved, divers from Maidstone all thought to be well!