09 September 2007

Meridian Divers BBQ2 ~ Sunday 16th September

Meridian Divers and chums are invited to the MD BBQ 2 being held on the West Beach, Newhaven on Sunday 16th September.

As per the successful plan for BBQ1 the basic schedule is turn-up, get the BBQ gear set-up, go for a shore dive (those that want to dive) then get stuck-in the refreshements!

Fingers crossed for good weather! The afternoon high tide at Newhaven is 2.32pm (BST) with a 6.2m tide. So may be a good time to meet-up would be 1pm (ish!) . As always it's bring food & drink for yourself and for a few others!

If you want to let others know what you're bringing you can add a comment to this post and in any case it's also helpful to know who is attending and who is diving!

1. Sheila &
2. Ernie: Prawns & BBQ Kit (Ernie Diving)
3. Deborah: Sauasages, Gazebo & BBQ Kit
4. Chris &
5. Sue: Spare Ribs, French Bread & butter (Chris Diving)
6. Tad &
7. Nicki: Home-made Beefburgers
8. Diving Diva: Finger Nibbles.
9. Simon T &
10. Linda T: pudding plus a rice or pasta salad and maybe a potato salad!
11. Jimbob: Relish


Diving Diva said...

I will be there, Snorkeling and will bring some finger nibbles!!! dips and things....got to go shopping yet...xx

Tad said...

me diving too one hopes

Jimbob said...

Hoping to make it, may or may not bring a hot dog, otherwise relish etc and anything anyone can suggest as wanting.

Linda T said...

I'm planning to bring a pudding plus a rice or pasta salad and maybe a potato salad. Having said that, my cupboards are completely empty at the moment!