29 June 2009

T.R.Thompson Remembered

Its hard to believe that it is nearly a year since we had the wreath laying dive on the T.R.Thompson in the company of crew relatives Norman and Mary Jack, but although a year has nearly past the project has not been forgotten and Norman has been flying the T.R.Thompson flag up north at the TRT birth place Sunderland.

Norman has given talks on the ship and the project and has good connections with the Sunderland Maritime Heritage charity. With this in mind Norman and Mary have had a brass plaque made up commemorating the Thompson's crew and the charity is mounting this on a piece of oak along with a rivet and a piece of the iron ore cargo (recovered during last years wreath laying dive) this plaque will have its home in the charity's HQ in Sunderland and who will also be showing a looped film of the TRT video footage filmed last year. The project has a page on their website dedicated to the TRT , to view the page click HERE

Meridian Divers and I would like to thank Norman and Mary for their continued support of the project.


Tracey said...

Think we really need to plan some more dives on TRT & ensure this project is moved along - i just need to get fit to dive again!

sheilab said...

Well done Norman. Good to see the T R T Project is reaching an even wider audience. The plaque looks splendid.

Chris-P said...

Really excellent Norman, great to see how this part of history is not being forgotten.