30 June 2009

OK , Something for the Dog Owners !

I thought those of you on Meridian Divers who are also dog owners would like to know a little more about a very special dog that I featured in one of my photos from British Columbia.

A couple of posts before this one are the photos. One of the photos shows an Orca passing a research vessel. The keen eyed amongst you may have spotted a black Labrador dog on the research boat , I think his name is Tucker!

Tucker is not just there for the ride, he's part of the research team and his particular task is to track whales ! Apparently his sensitive nose detects, well, shall we jsut say on this family blog, that which the whales leave behind! Well that's what the skipper of our boat told me and you know what I don't think its a shaggy dog story ! The Orca was spotted whilst we were travelling by boat from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, that trip takes you right along the 'sea border' with the US. The Orca in the picture were actually in US waters and the research boat was from a US university. There is a little more background HERE!


Tad said...

I expect Tucker uses Chum to find them

Chris-P said...

Trouble is , the whales have learnt to sniff out Tucker's contributions to the sea! Game on Tucker!

Simon-T said...

There once was a dog called Tucker,
He eat six pork pies made by Pukka,
Then he jumped into his boat,
Out of the harbour he did float,
And a storm made him sick, the poor fellow.

Sorry couldn't think of a word to rhyme!

Chris-P said...

Hmmmm, quite a conundrum! Can I suggest "the poor little sucker" ?