28 June 2009

Marine Life ~ British Columbia

A few photos of marine life taken during my recent visit ~ sadly I didn't get to go diving which was a great shame as the waters were very clear and are renowned for good diving!

White Sided Pacific Dolphin

Orca (Killer Whale) & Research Boat

Humpback Whale Flukes

Humpback Whale

Sea Lions

Jelly Fish

Just a handful from the twelve hundred or so shots! OK , OK , I took the dolphin & jelly fish shots in Vancouver Aquarium but the rest were in the wild!


Tad said...

cracking pictures Chris

sheilab said...

Can't wait to see all the photos at the next meeting !

Eernie & Sheila

Chris-P said...

ALL the photos? Have you taken leave of your senses? You'll be there , fast asleep, for hours!

ir-Reverend said...

Vancouver - sounds marvellous. I would love to dive around there...

Chris-P said...

Well iR, iving in the Vancouver area should be easy enough ...less 'easy' on Vancouver Island as there are fewer Dive Centres. Jacques Cousteau rated the local diving very high ...best temperate waters in the world ....so it's not frustrating at all not to have got a dive in!