15 June 2009

Scallop Wreck Dive On Saturday 14th June

As a few of you know I have been pulling me hair recently due lack of dive time but on Saturday I was offered the chance to Dive a wreck known as the Scallop wreck but otherwise real name unknown as a guest of Tunbridge Wells BSAC.

With conditions looking near perfect I joined the Tun wells team at Newhaven and set out to the wreck site. with 7 Divers on board the trip out was comfortable and quick on a mirror calm sea ably piloted by boat handling trainees Rob and Jason (friends of old who most of you will know) guided by renowned wreck hound and TWSAC D.O Jamie Smith .

The wreck sits in about 35m of water and is up side down. TWSAC are trying to identify the wreck and with 3 video cameras between us the plan was also to film as much as possible (guess who managed to cock his attempt up).

On site the wreck was soon located and shotted and looking down the line it was going to be a cracker.
With Ian going in first to tie the shot into the wreck Jamie and I kitted up and were soon heading down to the wreck followed soon after by Derek and once Ian had completed his dive he would take over the helm releasing Rob and Jason for their dive.

The "Scallop" wreck sits as said earlier upside down on the seabed with the prop raised up similar to the Clodmoor and talking of props there is also a rather large radial aircraft engine complete with prop, probably WW2, laying on the wreck more than likely placed there by fishing boats after being caught in their nets as the wreck definitely looks more like ww1 vintage it was a pretty impressive site.

With 8-10m vis, no need for torches and full of life the dive was gorgeous and I could have stayed down longer than my time allowed. Jamie manage to find some pottery which when cleaned up may hold a clue to the wrecks true identity.

Rob and Jason later reported to have found an impressive swim through on the wreck which will be on my list if and when I get the chance to Dive her again.

All to soon it was time for a slow ascent to the surface and sunshine.
I did manage about 10mins of film after I realised that I switched the camera off but none of the footage gives the dive or wreck justice so I wont bother editing it but have taken a couple of stills from the footage as seen above to give you an impression of the dive conditions.

A big thank you to Jamie,Derek,Ian, Ruth, Jason and Rob from Tun Wells BSAC for the opportunity to dive with them, I Think I will be definitely be joining them again very shortly to dive one of the many unknown wrecks they have on their GPS.

It was also great to talk to some of my old friends who I bumped into whilst in Newhaven . All in all a pretty good day out.


Jimbob said...

Looks fantastic Tad. Seems like the viz has really come good. Hope it stays good.

Tad said...

yep jim vis is back looking forward to the next one.

Simon-T said...

Really glad to hear you've got a good dive in. Should put a stop to those downbeat texts! Well done mate. ;o)

Tad said...

yep simon I think I take all far too seriously more worried about not diving than not having a job how stupid is that