22 June 2009

Braunton Dive from Wasp on Sunday

Nothing ever seems to go to plan when trying to get out diving. Either the weather goes against you, the boat breaks down, you get a cold or the promised vis doesn't materialise. On this occasion the planned dives on Sunday were canned due to the charter boat being sold and the new owners having a change of mind about continuing with the booked charters. Thanks to the lads from Leybourne for the invite anyway and I am sure we will catch up again sometime soon.

But step in TWSAC and all was not lost for Ernie and myself. After last weeks great dive on the Scallop Wreck we were offered 2 places aboard Wasp one of TWSAC's members Ian's own rib for a trip out to the Braunton. Having checked that our Nitrox mix was suitable (just) for the 36m dive to the wreck it was all systems go.

After a very early drive down Ernie and I kitted up and joined Ian and other club 2 other club members for the trip out to the wreck and soon we were kitted up and Ern and I were first in and headed down to the wreck. The Vis was between 6-8m with plenty of light. Its been a few years since I last dived the Braunton and I had forgotten what a fabulous wreck this is.

A 4.575 ton 380ft British Merchantman, The Braunton lies at a depth of 36mtrs HW. She was sunk by the German submarine UB29 on the 7th April 1916. 10m. The wreck was carrying a cargo of ammunition and evidence of this can be seen littered amongst the wreck in the shape countless shells unfortunately for spidge hunters not the brass but the cast iron variety.

Wreck is full of life and the stern area sits relatively intact and roughly 10m high complete with a net which has been floating wrapped up and vertical for a number of years.

I had taken the decision not to take the camera in but soon regretted this once we had reached the wreck,never mind will have to go back again.

After about 30 mins it was soon time to pop up the blob and start for the surface and back to port .

We had planned for a second dive in the afternoon but there had been a problem with the other boat so this had to be canned but both Ernie and I were more than happy with the mornings adventure.

Thanks to Ian and Jamie from TWSAC for offering the places and the opportunity to dive this weekend at very short notice and prevented me from being a very grumpy moany old Tad.


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