26 June 2009

Skive Dive Society ~ Pentyrch & Pier 24/6/09

Two of our best skivers (Tad & Ernie) took themselves off to Brighton on Wednesday 24/6/09 to dive the Pentyrch and the Pier from Channel Diver. We were very lucky with the forecast not being right and the wind staying to a reasonable level.
Neither of us had dived the Pentyrch before. She is a British Steamer, carrying a cargo of coal and was sunk by UB40 on 18th April 1918. It is approx. 6 miles off Shoreham. The seabed was at 22 metres and in the middle is a very large boiler. The viz was 4-5 metres with a bit of plankton floating around. It is a very easy dive, plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and with the shallow depth plenty of time to do so.

The second dive was Brighton Pier. Another pleasant bimble. The seabed was covered in star fish who do lunch (some even bought their own fork).
All in all a very enjoyable skive.


Tad said...

nice one Ernie glad you now know how to upload the images. Looks good

Jimbob said...

Looks great, very nice pictures.
Skivers get the best dives.