11 May 2009

Swanage weekend 16-17th May

Hi to all
This is a post for you that are coming to Swanage this weekend and can't make Ocean view wednesday evening for a quick meeting .

Firstly the camping is at Woodhyde campsite , you're allowed onsite after 11am and must leave your pitch by midday Sunday , although if you want to prolong your visit I'm sure they'll be accomodating, as mentioned before to all we've taken 1 electric hookup for charging torches,phones,light`s kettle and most importantly fridge for cold beer,if you want one call and ask (electric not beer)

http://www.woodyhyde.co.uk/ for address and other details of site ie prices.
The boat "Smooth hound" http://www.diversdownswanage.co.uk/
The dives, Saturday-08.45am ropes off firstly the Kyarra all info here:-http://www.divesitedirectory.co.uk/dive_site_uk_england_south_coast_wrecks_kyarra.html
second dive 13.00pm a drift dive will call to find out what depth etc (just checked its up to us max depth 24m)
Saturday afternoon/evening : dive the Pier, have a look around, back to tent for a BBQ and a few beers up to you guy's n gal's.

Sundays dives: 09.00am ropes off to dive Aeolian Sky details here http://www.divesitedirectory.co.uk/dive_site_uk_england_south_coast_wrecks_aeolian_skye.html 2nd dive scallop drift/Black Hawk bow.
SS Black Hawk (Bow Section)
After so much High Explosive has been used on this site it is a bit of a scrap heap. Individual features can be identified but there is no overall feeling for the size and shape of the vessel, unlike the stern. One of the features that is in evidence is a boiler that has been shattered open revelling all its innards. There is meant to be an anchor on a length of chain on this site but we have yet to find it. The nice thing about this site is that it is in 18m not 48m. So diving it on a rich Nitrox mix give`s you just about unlimited dive time, which makes a nice contrast to the dive on the stern. (Lifted from BSAC site)


Tad said...

Hi matt
sorry cant make the meeting wednesday so will see you in Swanage sometime Friday.

Matt said...

no prob`s Tad that`s why i posted this ;-)
see you friday

Jimbob said...

Thanks Matt.
Hopefully see you on Saturday.
Tad, could you email me your email address. The one I have doesn't seem to work.

Tad said...

Hi Jim will text it to you

Matt said...

Just spoken to divers down regarding the weather for the weekend and they have said they won`t make a call either way til friday night.
Will call/text either way