18 May 2009

Fortuna Wreck Dive ~ 10th May 2009

It must have been a better day than it was a dive, 'cos the next morning the feeling of mild sun burn reminded me that a few hours spent at sea on a reasonably sunny day is a good way to catch the rays! I think we all, that is Simon , Tad, Ernie, Trez, Sean & 2x Chris, probably spent slight more time in the sun and slightly less time under water than we predicted and hoped for!

It was a fair enough day for a ride out to the Fortuna aboard SEA ZONES, a light swell and at the start a little overcast. On arrival the fishermen on another boat above the wreck did their best not to look annoyed at all this blasted scuba-divers and even 'stood aside' to let us shot the wreck and get in. It didn't look too encouraging from the surface with plenty of particles in the water and a very short view of the shot line. It was about 30m to the highest parts of the wreck but by about half-way down it was torches on and keep an eye on your buddy!

On reaching the wreck it was pretty damn black, with about a metre's visibility. With some monofilament line lying around the place it had the feel of 'how long will it take to get caught-up' ! But we moved carefully and looked around to check for snagging risks. All the same , it was hardly one of our better dives and Simon and I only managed about 2o minutes before thinking 'that's enough'! One of those dives (for us) in which you think that sending-up the buoy is a highlight! Still on reaching the surface and the day had improved and with Mick's famous buttered scones & tean on the aft-deck beckoning it was only going to get better!

We decided to 'can' the planned second dive in favour of a gentle run back to Newhaven and a visit to the not-so-greasy-spoon that now 'substitutes' for the old and lamented 'Coral Cabin' . What's it coming to ? A distinct lack of damp undersuits and biker leathers in the café these days! I said it was good way to catch the rays , and so it was, as we met-up with old buddy Ray and talked about some of our mutual acquaintances in the weird world of diving!


Tad said...

beginning to think that the last few years of diving has all been a very strange dream

Simon-T said...

I got more wet biking to Le Mans this weekend! Never mind it's early days, the dives can only get better.